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Georgia Bulldogs To Rescind Dexter Moody's Scholarship

Mark Richt has rescinded the scholarship that was given to Twin City, Georgia linebacker Dexter Moody due to “behavioral issues.” Moody signed with the Georgia Bulldogs on February 4.

It was reported that Richt would make an official announcement regarding this situation, but it appears that this will not happen. Rumors are swirling as to the reasons behind this action, but I will leave that to the message boards and emails.

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  1. jason-uga says:

    Ugh….Hopefully this doesn’t signal the beginning of our annual offseason issues.

  2. UGA/GT fan says:

    That happens if you recruit THUGS.

  3. Dexter moody says:

    You Mad Cause Im A Better Player And Your Not… Sit Yo Bicth @#! Down Some Were

  4. Washaun Ealy says:

    My boy dex get em