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Bruce Figgins, Justin Houston Suspended For Violation of Team Rules

Georgia Bulldogs junior tight end Bruce Figgins and redshirt sophomore defensive end Justin Houston have both been suspended for a violation of team rules, UGA announced today. Figgins has been suspended for six games and Houston has been suspended for two games.

Junior wide receiver Tony Wilson also violated team rules but will not be suspended. UGA reported that he is currently in the process of being medically disqualified due to complications from a severe ankle injury suffered last Spring.

You can view the full release and statement from Mark Richt here.


  1. UGA/GT fan says:

    Like I said, recruiting thugs with low GPA averages always gets the best of Mark Richt at the end of the day.

  2. They aren’t thugs with low GPA. Bruce had a 3.96 out of high school. they just made bad decisions

  3. People should have their facts together before they make certain kinds of statements. Bruce Figgins made a very “DUMB” decision (it was what it was…stupid), but he’s a very smart kid. He graduated from Shaw High School in Columbus, GA as an Honor Student with a very high GPA. He never was a problem in high school, he’s just made some of the same bad decisions I made when I was in college, only he’s a high profile college athlete. I was just “Joe College.”