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Bowl Possibilities for the Georgia Bulldogs

At 5-4, the Georgia Bulldogs are one win away from bowl eligibility. With games remaining against Auburn and Kentucky in Athens and rival Georgia Tech in Atlanta, the Dawgs should be able to win one, but could win all three.

David Hale posted a Let’s Go Bowling article today that looks at all of the SEC bowls and where the Dawgs might fit in. Here is a quick summary of his possibilities:

  • Outback - Possible if Georgia beats Auburn and Tennessee falls to Ole Miss.
  • Cotton – Usually goes to the SEC West no. 2 team.
  • Chick-fil-A – Possible, but they may not want UGA in Atlanta after facing Georgia Tech there.
  • Music City – Possible, SEC no. 6 or 7 usually plays here. Dawgs would need to beat Kentucky.
  • Independence - Possible, but unlikely. Georgia would have to beat Auburn and then lose to Kentucky.

Hale does stop short of making a definitive pick on where Georgia goes. I think the Dawgs are capable of winning out and, with a little luck, heading for the Outback Bowl or Chick-fil-A Bowl. But what Georgia will likely do is beat Auburn, beat Kentucky and lose to (gasp!) Georgia Tech. That means Music City Bowl.

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  1. I wouldn’t rule out the Auto Zone Liberty Bowl or the Papa John’ Bowl – mediocrity deserves mediocrity – and 6-6 or 7-5 certainly would rate no better than Shreveport, Memphis, or Birmingham. There are 6 SEC schools with 4 or 5 losses as well as two 3 loss teams that could end up with 5 losses. Two BCS teams helps. Winning out might get UGA to Tampa or Atlanta. Forget Dallas unless the Outback takes a West Division school. 2-1 probably results in a trip to Nashville or the mediocrity trio.

    Frankly, UGA fans should be more concerned about the Dawgs beating Allbarn, not about bowl destinations & reservations! Then Kentucky, and then N.A.T.S.!

  2. At best, we beat only Kentucky. But that will take no turnovers and few penalties… something that has been hard to do all year. I say any bowl is a victory… maybe CMR will have a new DC and OC by then… I guess that’s just wishful thinking!!