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Is This Real Life? Georgia Loses to Mississippi State 24-12

“Is this real life?” Georgia lost to Mississippi State 24-12 and now sits at the bottom of the SEC.

The loss drops Georgia to 1-3 overall and gives the Dawgs their first three game losing streak under Mark Richt. Also, the Bulldogs are 0-3 in the SEC for the first time since 1993.

Georgia could only muster two field goals through 58 minutes and finally scored a touchdown with 1:27 left in the game. But the TD didn’t matter, only in the final score.

What is wrong with the Bulldogs? Certainly, the Fire Mark Richt contingent will grow louder tonight and the rest of the season.

But does anyone really think Richt will be fired this year? I don’t think he will. If anything, he may be forced to make more changes to his staff. The Dawgs lack imagination on offense and the offensive line has underperformed all year.

Todd Grantham was brought in to shore up the defense, but that is a project that may take some time to correct.

It’s hard to believe the Mark Richt era has fallen to this level. It’s also hard to believe that we are actually talking about firing Mark Richt. Everyone knows his record and what he has done for UGA.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Much as I hate to say it, and never thought I would, It’s time for a change………Bring on Gary Patterson or Chris Peterson!!!!!! Don’t want to hear anything about Muschamp or Smart. Went to school with them…..great guys…..but…..last thing we need is another unproven coordinator!!!!! That is our problem now and was the problem the past few years!!!!!!!!! If Richt goes, hire a proven coach! If McGarity decides to pull the trigger I hope he does just that. Fact is Richt could probably turn this around, but doubt he gets that chance. No UGA Alum can be happy about 0-3!!!!!!!!!

  2. hate to see the richt era ending… but its time. he has a chance to bounce back, but McGarity needs a winner..and probably went give him the chance. tired of hearing AJ will be back and we will be fine.. Coach’s (Bobo) should have elevated someone to be the man in his absence. But bad coaching didnt do it.Firing Bobo and the entire O staff “might” salvage Richt’s job.. but should’t.. UGA has gotten worse every year. Think we just hit rock bottom!

  3. Disappointing.

  4. The Richt era has to end. The Dawgs have had the most vanilla offense for the longest time. Bobo calls the plays but it’s Richts offense Bobo is no more than a glorified play caller. There seem to be no complimentary route schemes in the offense and receivers very rarely catch the ball in space with room to make plays which is big reason that it seems so hard for the Dawgs to generate offense. The offensive line isn’t as bad as it seems either, Ealy, King and Thomas just don’t break many tackles and they all lack good vision. I see Ingram and Richardson take similar running plays as compared to there 4 to 6 yard runs and turn them into 10 to 15 yard runs. Good backs don’t need huge holes to produce(see Knowshon Moreno). Another thing that bothers me and constricts the offense is the ultra conservativeness of Bobo’s play calling. The late TD that the dogs scored was there to be had all game long. Bobo only went deep against man coverage only a handful of times the entire game. The offensive decision makers don’t put the offense in favorable situations. Late in the game when Miss. ST. had a fourth and one in there own territory with the lead Mullen went for it. Richt would never do that in the same situation. That is the type of decision making bravado that players respond to. Richt lacks that type of fire. Thats one of the reasons the team always seems so listless and limp. Coaches drastically influence a teams mindset and Richt is too calm. I’m not suggesting that he should be erratic and make knee jerk decisions but he needs to be willing to lay it all out there from time to time to let the team know that he has faith that they can do what needs to be done, to signal to them that he wants to win at all cost.

  5. I glad we think like this when Dooley was the head coach he would have been fired 3 or 4 times. To think that you can be 10-2 or 11-1 is redicoulous. This kind of talk does nothing but hurt us. It hurts our recruiting and the team. I can think of 3 recruits we lost last year because of this. I know we have 2 5 star silent commits that will be great players at UGA. Another thing that bothers me is maybe you should watch the games before making a comment. For the most part our receivers are still young and don’t get good seperation. They will get better with more playing time. I guess when Richt is throwing things around on the side lines that shows no emotion. Do you guys think any coach in his right mind would come to UGA knowing how he would be treated when things go bad? I think that if we follow your guys suggestions we will be looking like Tenn in no time. Let’s see what the whole season brings before making stupid comments.

  6. staugustine says:

    I agree with GoldenDawg, but I believe that changes need to be made especially on offense. Georgia’s vanilla offense lacks imagination and execution. Penalties and turnovers continue to plague the Bulldogs. They lack the intensity of Alabama, Auburn, and LSU. They must now travel to play Colorado, a team that had an off week this week and will be ready to play against a mediocre team that is now one of the worst in the SEC. Disappointing to say the least.

  7. Hey GoldenDawg,

    When can we get mad? Because it seems like we can never really get mad becuase getting mad means you’re not a true UGA fan.

    Only an idiot would think this team doesn’t need a complete overhaul. And I could care less about another 5 star recruit. Last night taught me that recruiting and football are completely different things. We have the worst team in the SEC and it’s about time UGA fans started getting mad.

    Losers make excuses.

  8. To Goldendawg and whoever else thinks that we should keep Mark Richt…I was the same way last year and defended Mark Richt. We have the playmakers and yet they cant make plays. Eventually someone has to be held accountable and that falls with the coaches getting a game plan and the team ready to play. I havn’t felt good about the UGA program since we beat Auburn in the blackout game. Where is that coach at? I know Mark Richt had success in the beginning of his tenure at UGA but thats not the results we as fans should be content with. UGA’s goal every year should be SEC championship and National Title and yet we settle for less. In leaving I give everyone this quote…Don’t confuse effort with results…UGA needs better and deserves better!!!

  9. Mark it’s time to go Your promising Quarter Backs recruits A pro style offense has cost the team you don’t have Mathew Stafford & he’s getting out Recruited in Georgia !!!!! Lets run some spreed option some zone reed and get a Mobile QB !!!

  10. Another horrid loss. If Richt doesn’t get things in order and get the team to finish with a respectable record by the end of the season maybe its team for him to resign.

  11. Waycross Flash says:

    Goldendawg we’ve been waiting to see what the season brings for to long now! It’s time to give Bobo his walking papers and bring in someone with more imagination and knowledge of how to run a real major college offense.Every coach talks about watching films on other teams,Bobo must not do that or he could pick up a few new ideas on a couple of plays that might work.Living in south Ga. around all these damn Gator fans it sure makes it hard to keep coming up with excuses for our piss-poor production!All this comes from a forty year DAWG fan.GO DAWGS

  12. 5 Star, 4 Star, 3 Star recruits, whatever. We’ve had our share of all of them. I’m ready to see us recruit CHARACTER. Kids that will battle for Georgia all night long. Kids that want to play for Georgia because they love being Dawgs. Kids that know how to stay out of trouble off the field and dish out trouble on the field. Erk Russell type kids. They’re still plenty of them out there. If they play for Mark Richt that’s fine with me, or if they play for another ‘Head Dawg’ I’m o.k. with that at this point also.

  13. YellowJacketsFan says:

    As I watched the game last night I couldn’t help but notice a certain disconnected persona about CMR. He is pretty hammered right about now, but to think that it’s all about what is happening on the field would be pretty naive. I belive what is happening on the field is a direct reflection of what is happening off of the field, which also happens to be related to the respect that these players have for their coaches and their school. Being ranked the #1 party school, having more players arrested or detained this year than any other NCAA program, and an AD who thought more about good times than their purpose for being there? C’mon, these guys couldn’t be more distracted. If the coach can’t get these kids respect enough to stay focused and out of trouble then there’s BIG trouble. Priorities are being ignored and only CMR has the ability AND responsibilty to straighten things out. It’s what good leaders do. And a second thing that I want to rant about…. I couldn’t help but notice during the Auburn/S.C. game last night that some of their most gifted and talented players came out of Georgia, and folks… it can’t be denied that those two teams have some serious collective talent. That should bother programs and their fans here in Georgia. Just saying….

  14. Hunker down dawg fans and lets break it down. DO we have enough talent? Yes. Whats wrong then? Coaching. Do we use the talent that we have correctly? No. Whats the problem. Coaching. Let’s look at the offense. UGA pro style offense is to predictable and easy to defend. Problem is soley on Richt. Bobo is just the messenger. Offensive strenghts in order are tight ends, fullbacks, lineman, qb, fullbacks, receivers. and running backs. Running backs are last on the list not because of their talent but rather their size and strenght to run the predictable pro style offense. Let’s look at the 3 SEC losses in 2010 and why we lost. The defense coodinator for the opposing team looks at tape and says Mark Richt,s offense has a freshmen qb, and lots of experience everywhere else and no AJ Green. Why did we lose all 3? Coaching and Predictabity. When you are this predictable it dosent matter how much talent you have because you are totally handicapped before kickoff. Freshmen qb is not the problem he has played beyond my wildest imagination in a handicapped scheme. This kid is going to be a great one if Richt dosent get him killed running around trying to get first downs running for his life because Richt is determined to run the ball and put the team in 2nd and 8 and 3rd and five Every series. Let me put another spin on you guys, on third and 3 and we have decided to run a toss sweep would you rather have King, Ealey or Brandon Boykin running the ball. This is getting back to using talent to the best of your ability. Who do you think Florida would give the ball to? The Defense? All I have heard since the hiring of Gratham at UGA is when Grantham gets the players he wants for running his3/4 in a few years that the defense will be GREAT. Why would you run ANYTHING IF YOU ADMITT YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TALENT IN PLACE TO RUN IT. Folks I hate to tell you but we have plenty of talent. It all comes back to scheme and coaching. Richt’s first five years were good not great and with the talent he had should have been much better. Richts last five years have been fair and with the talent he’s had and no change with the predictability of HIS team its time for him to go. My pick for his replacement is a coach with passion that puts his team in position to win with a scheme that best defines his available talent. The head coach should hire his assistants and let them coach and call plays and his primary job is to fire up the team. Who is this coach. John Gruden or his clone.

  15. Do we really need to fire Richt. Where were all yall when he won two sec championships and finished number two in the nation. Then he was the greatest coach in football. Obviously UGA isn’t producing. The last three years have been disappointing to say the least but i don’t think getting rid of Richt would be the solution. If we bring in a new coach were looking at another two or three years until he gets a decent team up. This year is shot but I beleive Richt deserves one more year.

  16. UGADAWGBITE says:

    BOBO has to go! When Richt stops being a “good guy” and starts getting the right people on the staff instead of buddys, UGA will be back at the top. I agree with most of the above posts, and I do think we have as much talent as any other top teer SEC team. GO DAWGS!

  17. Ok lets face its a bad year probably going to get worst. About the worst it could get we beat the hated Gators and it won’t matter, but I don’t think our losing is over yet!
    Let’s think bright side we have a dang good quarterback. Problem is what kind of offensive line will he have next year? Receivers? didn’t see any stepping up for AJ while he was out.
    We have a Def Cord that plays “in your face DEFENCE” problem is he doesn’t have the personnel to play the 3-4 scheme and it will take at least 2 signing days to get them.
    Speaking of signing days if we make “another” major coaching change what will happen to our recruits. I’m sure the other 11 SEC teams will leave them alone.
    Bad times Hey? Well it’s a tough situation we are in I say its GUT CHECK time for the DAWG FAITHFUL. Let’s tighten our belt and get through this. Coach Richt ain’t goin nowhere and we need to face the music. The more we gripe the more we howl the more the young players will hear and that ain’t good. More ammunition for the competition on the recruiting trail to use, believe me they smell blood. Richt is going to have to make some changes but we have him for another 2 years no matter what the belly aching. I say lets all get behind him show him support(we do it when he’s winning) and let’s see if we can turn it around. If he can’t then lets build the bonfire I got the matches.

  18. CMON MAN!!!!!!! Just Fire richt we have talent but they are not being properly motivated or coached and we if dont stop the bleeding now we will lose more flipping recruits to the gators and cocks!!

  19. Everybody wants the coach’s head. He is still the man who had all those good seasons early on. What has changed? His passion. He used to get a little excited and into the game more, now he looks like a zombie on the sideline and players feed off of that. Simply put, either you are pasionate about the team or it is time to move on. No one likes someone hanging around for a paycheck. He will say he is just that way, never too high or too low with his emotions, guess what? You have to show some fire to get your kids going. Ever notice Spurrier or any of the other coaches along his line? They tend to be winners and get the most out of the kids. Richt is right saying everything starts and stops with him. A few minutes in front of a mirror will solve the problem. He will develop a heartbeat or he will see the light and leave on his own. You are a very nice man but coaching requires a little something that you once had but is missing these days

  20. Is there something wrong with this program? Yes. Is it coaching-related? Yes again. Does that mean that Richt is damaged goods and is no longer the great coach we once thought? No, I don’t think so.

    If you look back at your UGA history you will see some absoutely horrid teams during the Dooley era. 1974 was awful. The defense, an ERK D, couldn’t tackle to save their lives…they sucked. How about 1977 and 1979–terrible, terrible years including a losing record in one of them. If you have a good coach with a good program (and with apologies to the frantic Fire-Richt bandwagon folks–but we still have a very good program), you have to be patient and know that not every year is going to be a championship year.

    Last year was down. We didn’t have starting QB that could get it done and our defense was a joke. A change was made. This year is down as well. We’ve got a QB but we don’t have the proper offensive coaching. A change needs to be made there but I don’t think you want to do it in the middle of a season. If you remember, Richt turned over the play-calling during a tough 2006 season because he felt like he couldn’t be the head coach he wanted to be while calling plays. A young QB coach named Bobo took over and did pretty good with some killer talent. It’s obvious now that new leadership is needed in the offensive side of the house. I feel confident that Richt, if he still has a job (which I’m really hoping for but starting to wonder with all of the comments I’m reading from all over the Dawgsphere), will make those changes at the end of this season.

    There’s still a lot to play for this season. Pride, a winning record, possibly a bowl berth…it all starts with Colorado. I have no doubt that the Dawgs will be ready.

  21. I agree with redcyclon. Firing Bobo maybe a start, CMR may even turn the play calling/OC duties completely over to a new coach. However do you want a CEO coach that can’t keep players motivated and out of jail?

    Recruit a mobil QB to run the spread and zone read? Mullen recruited the QB taking snaps at UGA currently to run an offense of that style at UF. But what is being called in Athens?

    The OL is solid but not great and certainly capable of 10 wins. The paly calling is bland giving the defense the advantage, see Blutarsky’s count of play action plays run from under center as compared to being the shotgun. UGA has scat backs the the power bocks need to run an off tackle pro style bland offense. Bama is even using the pistol and wildcat formations with their Pro Style power attack. Bama also has a 220lbs Ingram what does UGA have? Recruiting does not match play calling.

    Last you can’t blame the defense when the Offense can not put up a TD until the game is more less over especially when the defense allowed 7 points in the first 3 quarters with a 1st year scheme against one of the top offensive minds in the conf.

  22. A. Murray for the most part is the only hungry football player I see on the field week in and week out. Our secondary is as weak as it ever has been with pretty awful play at the safety position. (cough) Rambo. We have no leadership on the grass and apparently none on the sidelines. What happened to the fire in T. Grantham after first game? Where is the fire in M.R. ever…

    The coaches need to start preaching “JUST MAKE A PLAY”!!! Where the hell is Ogletree… even if he doesn’t know the schemes like the back of his hand at least he could make a “GOOD” football play. I never understood why Richt puts kids out on the feild that know what they are doing but can’t handle the competetion.

    Good luck Dawgs… SOME ONE ON DEFENSE STAND UP AND LEAD BEFORE WE LOSE ANY MORE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!! A. Murray can lead this offense! I said it before.


  24. Have to agree with (yikes) yellowjacket fan. Living down here behind enemy lines (the shoeshine state), I have to put up with the agate type “sports around the nation” near weekly listings which headline ‘Georgia’ only to follow with the latest arrest or suspension of a Bulldog player. Embarrassingly, ESPN showed us the laundry list of arrested players from Georgia. I had to close my eyes in fear they would have to go to a second page. You have to equate this undiscipline off the field with undiscipline on the field. We have read and have been fed numerous articles on the Christian behavior of Coach Richt, but somethings seems to be missing in the communication to the players. Certainly one can expect a few incidents from players who come from a less than ideal family situation…but as I said, it’s becoming beyond embarrassing. Perhaps as one writer noted, Coach Richt has lost his fire. He does seem much more subdued on the sideline. His reign is turning into a Bobby Cox type career. Good success…but only one World Series with all the talent he’s had. We know we should’ve had at least one National Championship…and more SEC crowns. As a “nice guy”, it took forever to jettison Martinez. How long for Bobo? I’m having horrible flashbacks of the Ray Goof years. Certainly he can’t be just a tool puppeting Richts plan. We all can thrill at the offense Richt has generated in the past, not to mention some excellent unique individual play calling. If this season continues ad nauseum, heads must roll. I still give Mark Richt this and next year, however. But, it’s gotta be a change in attitude….otherwise, a change in latitude for him.
    As an aside: Anyone notice the parallel in how the Dawgs are performing in conjuction with not having an official mascot? Hmmm?