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Georgia at Kentucky TV Information

KentuckyGeorgiaOn Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs travel to Lexington to face the Kentucky Wildcats. The game will be televised by CSS at 7:30 p.m. ET.

CSS (Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast) is a regional sports network that is only available to cable subscribers. The network serves 10 million customers across 13 states.

CSS has an online Channel Finder where you can enter your zip code. If no results are returned, CSS may not be available in your area.

If you have Dish Network or DirecTV, your only option is to order the ESPN GamePlan for one Saturday ($24). Per the ESPN website, the game will not be blacked out.

There is one long shot option for Dish Network customers within 75 miles of Baton Rouge or New Orleans. Online guides are listing the Georgia-Kentucky game on Channel 421, which is Cox Sports Television New Orleans. This channel is only available in the Dish Multi-Sport Package. The package is $7.00 per month and you can cancel it anytime, although a small fee likely applies.

For online viewing of the game, is the first option. It will not be blacked out.

There are also three other online sites for viewing the game:

Update (10/20/10 – 4:00 p.m.) – Article updated to include new information.


  1. commodore_dude says:

    Unfortunately, CST is unique among RSNs on Dish in that it’s on a spotbeam. So if you aren’t in the New Orleans area, you don’t even see the channel as an option.

    • Thanks. I edited to include new information – Channel 421 is only available if you are within 75 miles of Baton Rouge or New Orleans.

      • I spoke to the people at Dish today (10/21) and they said since they do not have the Fox sports that as courtsey that are giving us the sport package that includes channel 421. I live 250 miles east of New Orleans.I was told the channel 421 is available now and i will check it tonite when i get home from work

  2. For what its worth…If you are in the Macon area and have Cox Digital Cable, CST is channel 337. As mentioned above, I do believe you have to have the sports package to get the channel though.

  3. dawgsfan24/7 says:

    will the game be shown on the other comcast sports networks? such as csn bay area and new england? who picked this network? dont espnu or fsn have an sec game at 7:30?? miss state was on fsn, why aint this sec game on it?

    • commodore_dude says:

      I was surprised that ESPNU picked UAB-Mississippi State over us, but presumably CSS got to pick before them this week (I’m not surprised FSN picked South Carolina-Vandy over us). Mattsarz currently doesn’t have any other Comcast sports nets listed, just Brighthouse and Comcast Network. Only one other CSS SEC game has been on channels available on satellite, and those were CSN California and CSN Chicago. I wouldn’t expect to see this one on satellite at all.

  4. According to this from the SEC’s website it shouldn’t be blacked out if its picked for ESPN GamePlan

    • Saw that link before. I’m just waiting for the blackout maps to be released to be 100% sure. Don’t want to provide misleading information.

  5. looks like i wont be watching this one

  6. Does anyone know if the game will be blacked out in ATL on as well?

  7. Oops… guess I should read the whole blog before posting… Never mind…

  8. Anyone know what channel the game will be on in Charlotte? Time Warner Cable.

  9. Found an online channel finder for CSS. If no results are found, I would think that CSS is not available in your area.

  10. hometeamdawg says:

    Post on DV says 421 was added to everyone’s pkg. for Dish Network Customers after the Fox feud…..Not sure if that’s true…..

    • I have Dish and am in Atlanta area. That channel doesn’t show up. I have America’s Top 250, but I don’t have the Multi-Sports Package, which 421 is a part of.

  11. Does anyone know how to order the espn gameplan package for just one day, using Directv?

  12. The UGA @ UK game will be on the GamePlan!

    Bill, I’m pretty sure you can order it for one weekend but you may need to call them to do that.

  13. Article updated today. ESPN released their blackout maps and the Georgia-Kentucky game is not included. It will also be available on

    You should be able to order the game on ESPN GamePlan on Friday or Saturday.

  14. “CSS has an online Channel Finder where you can enter your zip code. If no results are returned, CSS is not available in your area.”

    That’s not totally true my in-laws zip is 30628 & they have Charter. I watched CSS (Channel 36 or 37) there this past weekend but if you put that zip in it says “No current data for this zipcode”.

  15. GoBigBlue! says:

    I stumbled upon this site searching for viewing information. I am a displaced UK fan living in Kansas City and I often struggle to find the non nationally televised SEC games being televised here. Each week I will visit UK’s opponent’s fan sites trying to find TV information. I have yet to find a site that is as frequently updated as this one or that contains this type of detail. Very impressed and thanks for the information. FYI – I followed up with Dish on channel 421 and they said that the game should be available in Kansas City and the greater surrounding area.

  16. CSS? Really? That’s the billon dollar SEC Network? Weak.

  17. Watched a Dawgs game on my laptop when it was blocked out Dish….lost the link can anyone send me the link again??? Please.
    Thank, you

  18. will css broadcast the florida/georgia on10/3 0