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2011 G-Day Game to be held on April 16

UGAThe 2011 Georgia Bulldogs G-Day Spring football game will be held on April 16, the AJC has reported. The game will be televised by CSS at 1:00 p.m. ET.

ESPN3 will also show the game at 1:00 p.m. ET. It will only be available to those outside the CSS viewing area.

The game is being moved back one week and to avoid competing with the Masters Golf Tournament, which will be played April 7 through April 10.

UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity hopes that “…G-Day will benefit in terms of attendance and media attention by avoiding a conflict with the Masters.” We couldn’t agree more.

Admission to G-Day is free, but Dawg fans are encouraged to bring a bag of food to donate.


  1. I Like the idea, we need to continue the game later and help fill the greatest stadium in college football up with the greatest fans in college football. PUT GEORGIA FOOTBALL BACK ON THE MAP ! ! !

  2. Not good! I’ve got a divided house and was gonna try to make Auburn’s and Georgia’s but now their on the same day! What to do? War Eagle!

  3. Is the G-day game free

  4. Billy Payne couldn’t agree more…..

  5. I’m a Bulldog fan that has never been to a g-day game before. I hear it may be free. What should I expect in order to be prepared ie. get there early or if it’s even worth going? Tks

    • It’s nice for a first time thing. You can get close to the action, etc. But it can be uninteresting sometimes.

    • G Day games are not always free every year. I went in 08′ All tickets are general admission and are around $15. It still is a great experience to get up close to the players and coaches.

    • Andrew l says:

      Hey I go to it every year because I live in Athens lol.
      It is free to get in but bring money for drinks cuz its probably going to be hot lol.

      Go dawgs! Sic em! Hop Hoo Hoo! This is our year!

  6. I’m a HUGE Dawg fan as well that hasn’t been to a G-Day game. I live in Auburn and I hate to be the only dawgette in the town…tired of seeing orange and blue. I will DEFINTLEY be in the stadium this year. What’s the start time?

  7. Is it possibel to move it back one more week??? I have a stupid wedding to go to and I’d rather be in Athens!!! Who wouldn’t???

  8. Will it be on national tv cause I m staioned in cali still a part of the dawg nation

  9. I’m a huge Georgia fan and have never been to a G day game and thi year I’m going! can’t wait to meet players and coaches. they say DJ Shockley will be there