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Georgia Falls to UCF in 2010 AutoZone Liberty Bowl

UGAThe Georgia Bulldogs were held to 280 yards of total offense as they fell to the UCF Knights 10-6 in the 2010 AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

Georgia finishes the 2010 season 6-7, the first losing record under head coach Mark Richt and first since 1996. The loss also snapped Georgia’s four-game bowl winning streak.

At Georgia’s expense, the UCF Knights of Conference USA won their first bowl game and also won 11 games for the first time in school history. The Knights finished 11-3 overall.

Quarterback Aaron Murray finished the game 21-of-38 for 198 yards but threw two interceptions and no touchdowns passes. A.J. Green was the leading receiver with 77 yards on 8 receptions.

As they have most of the season, the Georgia lines were manhandled. The Bulldogs mustered only 82 yards on the ground led by Washaun Ealey with 60. Against Georgia’s defense, the Knights rushed for 124 yards.

So where do the Bulldogs go from here? Before the game, there was a contingent of Georgia fans already calling for Mark Richt to be fired. The Bulldogs have regressed over the last two years, going 8-5 in 2009 and now 6-7 in 2010. And the Dawgs haven’t played in the SEC Championship Game since 2005.

New UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity issued his support for Richt earlier in the season, but the loss to UCF could change his opinion. How much it will change we don’t know at this point.

What do you think about the future of the Georgia program? Mark Richt will more than likely be the coach in 2011. Do you think he can turn this thing around? If not, what direction should Georgia go in and who do you honestly think can elevate us to the next level? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. You can’t win all the games all the time. Sometimes you have to hit the bottom before you can go up. Nothing wrong with the coach, but maybe we should look at some of the players, their attitude, and their skill set.

    • There are several glaring weaknesses on this team, but it starts at the top. McGarity has to ask himself if Richt can solve the problem. Richt made changes last year, and they didn’t work. So who knows.

      • No college program changes in one f**kin year its takes time everybody needs to realize that the 2011 season will be great and dawg fans should see that and stop being little whiney asses

  2. While I love Coach Richt as a man, he has clearly shown that he is not fit to lead the UGA football program. He cannot manage his players on or off the field, and he has not surrounded himself a competent coaching staff. Don’t worry…he’ll be fine. There are plenty of schools that would love to pick up Richt. We just deserve better. Unfortunately, I fear we will have to stomach another mediocre season before we see a change.

    • Remember where the dawgs where when Richt arrived. He’ll should deserve some respect for what he has done for the program.

      • Dawgpound says:

        Respect for what losing to FLA almost every year We need a BCS championship and nothing less WE need change now we can not waste more time on this coach with lack of passion

  3. I am an Arkansas fan and my son played college football. I would be honored to have Mark Richt and his ideals lead any programs. Teams win and lose, and have good and back luck, but the true person of your Georgia coach will always be the same. Stand behind him when he needs you the most.

  4. Dawgpound says:

    Fire Mark Richt!!!!!!
    Fire Mark Richt!!!!!!
    Fire Mark Richt!!!!!!

  5. Calhoun Dawg says:

    Georgia’s play throughout the season and the Bowl Game summarized: Slow. Weak. Confused. Outplayed. Outcoached. Embarrassed.

  6. Calhoun Dawg I could not agree more. I went to the Liberty Bowl and watched a C-USA team run all over us. The lack of effort and fight out of our team was very disappointing. The sense I got from our team was they really did not want to be there. I agree….EMBARRASSED

    • what’s embarrasing is the way fans act after 1 bad year. Support your team and coaches!

      • JamesW you are a sad sad individual! Why don’t you take Richt and company and go somewhere were people love being 7-6 and love having a good man for a coach.The last time I checked we play to win.I want a coach that can win the hell with what kind of person he is.Take your nice guy coach and all his thug players and take a hike buddy!!! One bad year? Where the hell have you been?

        • CharlesO…lets review this. We had a NEW FRESHMAN QB. A NEW defensive coordinator who installed a NEW 3-4 system. You’re not going to get results right away. Should they have beaten UCF? Yes, but UCF is in the top 25 and is a 11 win team.

        • Dawgpound says:

          JamesW does not Know anything about football and thats a fact!!!!!

        • 10 years 90+ wins What the hell else you want!

      • Dawgpound says:

        JamesW I have been a GA fan since 1958 so shove it you no nothing!!

        • That means your old and stupid. Todays world is different.

          • Dawgpound says:

            Old and very smart!!! We need change and we need it now!!! GO Dawgs!!

          • Dawgpound says:

            No the world is the same and losing is not acceptable in Athens Period I do not care what excuses you have for Richt He either needs to be fired or bring down the iron fist and take control of his damn players

  7. One of the worst games I’ve ever seen Georgia play. Just terrible!

  8. The Liberty Bowl was a complete embarrassment. A day later, the bad taste still lingers. Mark Richt has done a lot for the program. Is he tough enough to climb out of this valley? I say he has earned the chance,but he can’t have a season like this next year. There has to be significant improvement next year.

  9. Dawgpound says:

    Alumni do not pull for another team JamesW Mark Richt SUCKS!!!!!!! and he has no confidence in his own players and I am sick of watching his lack of Pride and Passion. We need a reasl coach who actually cares about winning and not comb his –cking hair with his hand on sideline! As the guys from ESPN say CMON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 10 years 90+ wins Keep up with your team and stop crying!

      • Dawgpound says:

        You are lost quit drinking and smoking that stuff and wake up!! 6-7 is not acceptable I dont care what you say or think you are a idiot!! Dawgs have the talent their coach just doesnt give a crap about winning and he lets the players run the show we need a real coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Fire Mark Richt!!!
        Fire Mark Richt!!!
        Fire Mark Richt!!!

        • fuk you and your dumb a__.I don’t drink or smoke you crack head.

          • Dawgpound says:

            GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I love the DAWGS just like you.But lets support them.Richt is a good coach and has helped our program.

          • Dawgpound says:

            Your Right we gotta support them no matter what I just want to see the fire from the sideline again Richt is a great person but he has to passion last two seasons!!
            GO DAWGS!!!!

  10. If Mark Richt can’t get us to Atlanta next year he needs to think about where he wants to coach next. He’s had some good season’s but when you go 8-5 and then 6-7 at a program with talent and a program that is used to winning, then you won’t see many more years. 8 regular season wins is a must next year.

    • I agree but give him one more year

      • What will you do next year James? How long are you going to ride this dead horse? Yes he has done some good things for UGA, yes he is a fine man, but he was hired to win football games! Has he done his job? HE’LL NO! He has promised better and not delivered? Time to go! As my nephew says ” Richt is a stellar man, but you can’t teach Sunday school and be a SEC coach” I want to win! If you don’t then shove off and take his hair combing no passion ass with you!

        • Anonymous says:

          CharlesO your crazy.FRESHMAN QB new defense cord and system. We lost to many games for sure but we where most of the games until the last minute!Just who do think is out there that can do better.

          • Who do you think is out ther could do any worse? Let me guess, your one of these weak ass mamas boys that gets of on moral victories like beinng in MOST games until the last minute. Sorry buddy but your the one thats crazy for posting such weak crap! What game did you see us play that made you proud? FLA,SC,ARK, oh maybe you are proud of LL or CO your such a wimp!

          • Anonymous says:

            WOW your such a man.10 years 96 wins how many others schools can say that.Maybe you could do better!

  11. I wanna know who’s gonna coach us next.

  12. Dawgpound says:

    At least we have a good Basketball coach!!!!

  13. Dawgpound. Let’s see how smart you really are. Fan since 58 right? What do the years 1969, 1970, 1974, and 1977 all have in common? They were seasons that UGA had losing records under Coach Vince Dooley. I bet you wanted to run him off too. He coached UGA 17 seasons before winning the 1980 NC. Everybody is frustrated about how the Dawgs did this year. Know this, opinions are like armpits. Everybody has them and they usually stink.

  14. BTW kids read this site so you should not drop the “f-bomb”

  15. Anyway, while Dawgpound and JamesW square off I am getting ready to go fishing. GO DAWGS!!!!!!

  16. Eveyone come support your Bulldog Men’s Basketball team. That will help with this terrible season.

  17. I think Mark Richt should coach in 2011, but if he doesn’t get us to the Georgia Dome in December(not for the Chick-fil-A Bowl) than I don’t want to see him on the sidelines in Athens in 2012. I love Mark Richt, he’s put up some good stats,96 wins in 10 years, but he hasn’t been coaching the best ball for the past few years. He needs to shape it up.

  18. UGADAWGBITE says:

    At this point I don’t care what UGA’s record is next year, just beat those damn gaytor’s next year…

  19. THEBIGDAWG says:

    Dawgpound is right we need change if not we will lose more recruits we have talent now and we shopuld not be 6-7 very poor coaching last two seasons and that is a fact

  20. True Dawg says:

    We need a new offensive coordinator. Bobo is not smart enough to create defensive matchups as any good off cor in the business can. Then he gave up the team in the bowl trying to woo A.J. for next year. The rest of the offense quit on him! We also need a new o line coach. This was reported to be the strength of the team and they sucked all year.
    The defense showed marked improvement given we were coachless for the previous years. Maybe now we can recruit some “hunker down dawgs”.
    A another note: The big 10 or should we say the big 1(Ohio State)is showing their true colors in the bowls against a real football conference. I hope Auburn whips Oregon!


  22. I’ve been a 6-seat Georgia Season ticket holder since 2003 and I will not be renewing my tickets for 2011.
    Top five reasons:
    1. Lack of interest in recent mediocre on field results
    2. ESPN’s TV contract now televises every game
    3. Financial (Donation & ticket prices are too high)
    4. Spend more time with family
    5. Tailgaiting rules

    I personally think Coach Richt deserves 2011 – 2013 to coach regardless of his performance; the reason, the teams that he will be coaching on the coming years have striking similarities to the teams he coached his first 5 years (no super stars but loaded with top quality 4 year athletes)
    Mark my words: Another Georgia SEC Championship banner will be raised at Sanford Stadium before Mark Richt retires.

    Go Dawgs!

  23. While I am furstrated with this year, I do not believe that it would be the right move to fire Coach Richt. He has done a great job at recruiting and is one of the top coaches in wins within his first years as a coach. That being said, I do believe that it is time for him to take back over the play calling and let Bobo mainly focus on the quarterbacks. Mark Richt is an offenesive mind, he learned under one of the best, Bobby Bowden. There does need to be some changes next year, but I don’t believe firing Mark Richt is one of them.

  24. I am not a Dawg, and did not attend Georgia, but I am a football fan and went to the school that won the Orange Bowl this year. A couple of points, then, as a neutral fan and observer:

    Georgia has one national championship in the modern era. I do not see why Georgia fans confuse Georgia with Alabama or USC. Georgia is not a top-tier SEC program and plays in a conference where quality personnel and depth are required just to compete. Some good fortune is required to win. If Georgia can win the SEC once every ten years and a national title once every 25 that should be enough and should be realistic, based upon historical precedent. Many Dawg fans seem to expect a national title every other year.

    Georgia had a fine offense this year. The defense was still substandard and it will take a few years to sign the kind of talent needed to run a 3-4 scheme. This is just a fact of life.

    Georgia needs badly to upgrade its O and D lines. Everyone focuses too much on skill players–linemen really win games. An average running back can look very good behind a great O-line. Linebackers look much quicker to the ball when the D-line is absorbing all of the blockers.

    Georgia signs lots of thug athletes. Bad character will tell, on and off the field. Some folks here seem to confuse “being mean” with being a good football player. The best QB in the world now is a guy named Brady. He doesn’t seem like a nail-spitting, mean, felony waiting-to-happen, but he is the best. I mean, would that two-time national champion Tebow guy have been too kind for you folks? He sure beat the Dawgs to death except the one year he played hurt. Was Joe Montana a mean guy? Walter Payton? Emmitt Smith? Really?

    Being mean does not make a winner. Being a winner, on and off the field, makes a winner. Richt and company need to focus on drafting men of good character and you fans need to support him in this effort–these men will play better, they will not get in trouble off the field, and they likely will not turn pro early. Alabama seems to have more Sunday-ready underclassmen stick around than Georgia. Could it be that these players have better character or perhaps overall more school pride than Georgia players?

    Georgia has a fine program. It is better to have some continuity than to fire coaches every three or four years, as Georgia did after Dooley until Richt came along.

    Georgia fans need to be realistic in terms of Richt and their expectations for this program. They also need to understand that meaness and thuggery do not win championships.

  25. I’ve been a bulldog fan for as long as I can remember. I went to UGA during the best years of the modern era the early 80′s. Coach Richt is the right man to lead the dawgs to Championships whoever his staff is his problem. They recruit these thugs, trouble makers, they are the coaches not doing they’re jobs. There is not excuse for a player not to attend class or studyhall if they do run them so hard the next day they will be to class early. If you have players that they think they are bigger than the team, Kick them off or let the captains do it. A winning team has to play as one and believe in they’re leaders. If they can’t get on board then don’t recruit them and if they break team rules kick them off the team. Set examples by making hard choices. The team will support you and play harder for you if you don’t cow down to the thugs who bring the team down and stay in trouble. I’m no coach but what coach is responsible for grades and class attendence he should be fired and those playes kicked off the team. Plus why did Aaron Murray play with gloves on during the bowl game it was obvious he could not throw with them on. And with a new defense you at least should be able to either stop the run or stop the pass but not half ass either. Bobo has got to go as play caller the opponents can predict him before he calls a play. Mark needs to take back the quarterbacks since he coached 2 at FSU to Heismens and hire an offensive coordinator that understands defenses Bobo couldn’t do it as a player and he sure can’t do it as a coach. Georgia needs to clean house of the players that think they are bigger than the team and do one thing good on offence and on thing good on deffense and get back on track. You can’t coach stupid!