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Two Columbus recruits, one juvenile charged in UGA locker room theft

A Carver-Columbus recruit, Deion Bonner, has been charged with theft in the UGA locker room incident. Marquis Hawkins and a juvenile have also been charged in the case.

The incident happened on April 7 during an open house at Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall. Bonner and Hawkins, along with the juvenile, allegedly stole iPods and iPhones from seven Bulldog football players.

All three have been charged with theft by taking, a misdemeanor. Bonner was charged with one count, Hawkins two counts and the juvenile with three counts.

Bonner (5-11, 185) plays cornerback at Carver-Columbus. He has an offer from most of the top schools in the south, including Georgia. That offer will likely be rescinded if it hasn’t been already. Bonner is widely considered to be one of the top ten prospects in Georgia for 2012.

Marquise Hawkins is the twin brother of Marqui Hawkins, a 6-1, 192-pound quarterback for Carver but is considered a wide receiver for the 2013 class.

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  1. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation says:

    dumb a$$ kids!!!

  2. whiskeydawg says:

    Don’t worry Bonner. LSU still wants you.

  3. I would have thought that a 4 year scholarship would be worth more than an ipod. Plus, they would have given you a red jersey with your name on the back and a single digit number. I think that looks better than the he black & white pin stripe jersey with a 6 digit number you are currently wearing. Oh shucks, either way, you still get a 4 year scholarship. I just would have chosen the one that didn’t include probation.