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Georgia to wear Nike Pro Combat Uniforms against Boise State

The Georgia Bulldogs will wear Nike Pro Combat Uniforms against Boise State, UGA announced on Wednesday.

Georgia is one of nine teams that were selected to sport the 2011 Nike Pro Combat uniform. The others are Army, Boise State, LSU, Michigan State, Navy, Ohio State, Oregon and Stanford.

“Nike takes pride in giving athletes an advantage by providing them with cutting edge innovation. The Nike Pro Combat system of dress uniform delivers unparalleled on-field performance benefits while inspiring the team through each uniform’s unique design,” said Todd Van Horne, Nike’s Creative Director for Football. “It is a privilege to collaborate with the coaches and student-athletes to develop a look that’s truly distinctive to each university and their teams.”

I’m not one for uniform “gimmicks” as displayed in 2009 against Florida. Black helmets that look like Grambling? No thanks.

This isn’t a gimmick, but more of a marketing ploy by Nike. They have stiff competition in this arena now from Adidas and Under Armour, so they want to stay on top by creating hype.

There’s also the little fact that Georgia has a contract with Nike for their uniforms and fan gear. The Bulldogs are probably obligated to wear these uniforms at some point.

Now lets get to the actual uniforms. Nobody knows for sure what they look like, but the UGA players were shown the Pro Combat gear yesterday and loved them (based on their Twitter responses). The uniforms will likely be shown to the public at Picture Day on August 20.

Back in March, From Hedges To Hardwood (FH2H) heard some chatter about possible new uniforms for the Boise State game. You can also read their story from yesterday on the Pro Combat Uniforms.

FH2H uncovered two pictures (No. 1 and 2) which may or may not be the actual uniforms the Dawgs will wear. I prefer the one on the left.

Saturday Down South has also found a picture on a message board of yet another Nike Pro Combat concept for the Dawgs (No. 3). Not liking the helmet at all. What do ya’ll think of these concepts?

Update: Per the Georgia-Boise State contract we obtained (dated 5/16/11), Georgia will wear RED jerseys.

Update 2: From the AJCMcGarity, who has seen the uniforms and “approved it months ago,” declined a request to describe the new look verbally. But he did take the opportunity to calm the nerves of UGA purists who might be unsettled by anything other than traditional bright-red helmets with a black Georgia G. “The Georgia G is preserved in its rightly spot,” McGarity assured. The Georgia G is still as prominent as it has always been and is as it always will be. We’re not messing with the ‘G,’ OK? It’s school colors and all that stuff.”

Update 3: Pic 3 is either a fake or last year’s version of the Pro Combat Uniform. It was rumored to be worn for the 2010 Florida game.

Update 4: Brandon Boykin talks about the UGA Nike Pro Combat uniforms.


  1. SLCDawg says:

    First is acceptable. 2. Looks like south Carolina. 3 looks ridiculous

  2. I’m a little hesitant when it comes to uniform changes. Stick to the classics. When the team has earned something like this, then perhaps it is a good reward. Only the first one is acceptable, as it most resembles our traditional uniform. The other two look like garbage.

  3. Vinings Dog says:

    Number one is fine the other two are jokes. The Nike contract needs to be torn up and remind these bozos that WE decide on what we wear, not them. Nike has no respect for tradition.


    #1 is the only choice

  5. wrightsville dog says:

    i believe the pro combat unis will be kind of like alabama last year, traitional and moderate. gotta have silver britches, and red helmet. red jersey is probably 99.9% correct because the two are going color on color and blue and red contrasts better than blue and black.

  6. Afraid the third could be some strange attempt at an Erk Russell reference… blood on the face mask.

  7. I added a note at the end of the post. The Georgia-Boise State contract we obtained earlier this month states that Georgia will wear RED and Boise State BLUE.

    So there’s that…

  8. The first is my top choice but the second is good looking too. I really like the style of the helmets in the first one also.

  9. Tradition got us 6-7 last year.

    Tradition says we can’t beat Florida.

    Tradition to our current roster was Jim Donnan going 9-3 every year.

    The days of Erk and the railroad tracks are gone.

    1980 WAS tradition, but that was 30 years ago.

    You know who doesn’t care about tradition? 17-18 year old prospective football players. If having a little flash gets us some exposure and turns a head or two, all the while getting us a check from Nike, so be it.

    • I like your perspective. Keep doing the same thing, get the same result. Cool to keep tradition; however, an alternate from time to time is pretty exciting. Don’t like all the ducks uniforms but some are pretty cool.
      Wish they would do and all black with the red, white and red stripe down the pants with black helmet and face mask.

  10. I would love it if the uniforms were 1980 throwbacks. I loved the sleeve stripes. I wouldn’t mind it if the Dawgs switched to the circa. 1980 uniforms full time.

    • ChaseDawg19 says:

      You and me both, brother. It’s hard to do without the combat type uniform and the 3/4 sleeves. It’s too hard to get 3 spaced stripes on the sleeves with numbers too. We’d have to basically take Auburns jersey and use the shoulder pad numbers, “TV numbers” as they’re called. Texas, Wisconsin, tOSU and Nebraska are close, but Auburn’s stripes are identical.

  11. Hopefully the britches will actually be silver.

  12. ChaseDawg19 says:

    Nike has stated the Pro Combat’s for this year will be revolved around the program’s history. Read here for more…

    If that’s the case, the 2nd uniform on picture #1 makes sense. A throwback to the future. It’s clearly the 1980s jersey, which were the “glory days”. However, Boykin stated today, they’re unlike anything he’s ever seen….

    Unless he’s never walked through Butts-Mhere, he’s seen the 1980s style uniform. Hard to imagine the team would be so giddy about this jersey. Even though it’s new, it’s still relatively plain considering the pro combats that have already been featured over the years. Florida had a gator skin pattern on their uniform last year, Alabama had the houndstooth in their numbers, so it would not surprise me at all if there’s a spiked collar pattern on our jersey collar. I’m hoping for uniform #2 in picture #1. Uniform #1 in pic #1 is basically our current unifrom and if BB says it’s different than current, that’s not it either. Picture #2 is Maryland and if #3 is as wild as it gets I’d be ok. The helmet is a joke, but the jersey and pants are almost as calm as you can be for Nike Pro Combats.

  13. I like the 1st one, just with a white facemask instead of black. I hate the idea of using the undershirt in the design, but they don’t make the sleeves as long as they did in the 80′s.

  14. The pictures above are all fake. Nike will not expose the designs before hand and if they did it would not be this hard to find the certain design. There are similar imitations of the pro combat uniforms for other teams that are inaccurate including the ones out there that were supposed to replicate the uni’s sported by the NFL teams. Nike has respect for the tradition of the SEC and would not go crazy (ALA Oregon) unless the school and athletic administration desired to do so. My guess is yall will be excited to see them run out Sep. 3! Go DAWGS!

  15. Josh Peters says:

    I say we go with a new jersey instead of the classic after a 6-7 year so i say we should go with the 2nd jersey and show boise state who the Georgia Bulldogs really are!!!!!!

  16. Yall are crazy no. 2 and 3 are by far the best looking ones. EASILY. they want something different not the same. A different look is always better