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Nike releases images of 2011 Georgia Bulldogs Pro Combat Uniform

Nike has released the images of the 2011 Georgia Bulldogs Pro Combat uniform. The uniform is all red with black numbers. The helmet is silver with the traditional G logo and a wide red stripe.

More images were released by, which includes pictures of the gloves, shoes and pads. They also have a promotional video for the uniform.

The Dawgs will wear the Pro Combat gear against the Boise State Broncos on September 3 in the Chick-fil-A College Kickoff. Boise State will also wear their Pro Combat uniform, but their version has not been released yet.

Below are the images of the Nike UGA Pro Combat uniform. Click to view the larger images.


  1. YUCK!!!!!!!!

  2. Sportschic says:

    Those are awful. I don’t even know where to begin.

    • newnan_dawg1963 says:

      you people think georgia said we are going to wear new uniforms

  3. I like them!!!

  4. We’re not going to Picture Day today so i know what i will be doing come high noon. The suspense is unnerving,isn’t it?

  5. bulldog fan says:

    Why in the world would they go with something so horrible!!!!

  6. Bibb Dawg says:

    Glad it’s just a one-time thing. Tired of uniform gimmicks.

  7. They don’t look as bad as I expected

  8. bradojets says:

    I don’t like them. UGA is a traditional school. Let’s stick with tradition.

    • Anonymous says:

      We wore silver helmets in the 40s. We wore red pants in the 70s and 80s.

      You don’t get to decide when traditions begin.

  9. my 8 year old said thoase are the awesomest ever! and now he wants to buy a jersey. i guess thats why they do it.

  10. My teenage boys like them too. I was expecting them to look worse so I guess I’m fine with them for one game.

  11. Omar Oliver says:

    Hey DAWG Fans calm down, it is 2011 and this is what it is.
    Enjoy the new uniforms for one game, my goodness!!!!!
    GO DAWGS!!!!!!

    • DAWGPOUND says:

      100% Correct omar !!!!!

    • I swear, people are crying because of new uniforms. Its not 1980 anymore lets switch it up. Also people say jerseys make us lose, No bad play makes us lose. The Jerseys are great, rep them well Georgia. GO DAWGS!!!

  12. AWESOME!

  13. Nike could have made it more traditional looking, look at the Bama one… Just another example of Nike flexing its mu$cle$… Im not against the changeup(blackout jersey), but dont try to sell me that your respecting a tradition when the finish product is 180 degrees the other way… Not bad, just not well rep on nikes part

  14. Hey they def don’t look nearly as bad as the ones Florida had. I think they actually look pretty good considering some of the others that have been worn in the past. Either way, I support em….GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Im not a big fan of the helment but I like the all red. But the main thing is the that player love them & the recuits love them also, So as far as i care they can wear them every game

  16. Why would they go traditional the whole point was to something different for one game. Plus its football not “What not to wear.” It’s not like the jerseys are gonna change it to flag football or anything. Just watch and enjoy the game.

  17. I really like the helmet except for the narrow red oval line around the G. I am surprised that I like the broad red down the middle but it actually looks good to me. They could keep the red pants for use on occasion but I don’t care for the red jersey + red pants.

    But, I don’t think it matters what the players wear, just how they perform on the field.

  18. They should wear the red pants against Tennessee this year.

  19. If you are a true dawg fan, it wouldn’t matter what they wore as long as they go to the game and whoop some Boise State tail, but I love the whole gear though. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS!!! SIC’EM!!!

  20. DAWGPOUND says:

    Any Uniform Any Time True fans dont wine about uniforms they just support thier team quit you damn crying the uniforms are awesome just like the team is!!!! GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Should have stayed with silver pants and red jerseys.

  22. Looks like a space uniform

    Sorry but these outfits look like costumes….not uniforms…

  24. it could be worse… we could have a blue football field. i don’t care if they wear pink tutus as long as they beat the smurfs in the dome! it’s tater mashin’ time!

  25. I smell another Blackout fiasco

  26. Go Dawgs! Put them in pink…who cares!

  27. Realbulldog7777 says:

    The jersey is awesome, it’s about time we wear something new, are jersey are old and flat like that I- formation offense, maybe we can get a new offense too!

  28. how care whit we wear just win the game

  29. Not bad. Coulda made a better color scheme. Also shoulda went with black jerseys.

  30. I’m with Darryl Meadows…they can be wearing red and black TU-TUs for all I care!! Just WIN THE GAME!!!

  31. Scrap3000 says:

    Love the jersey and new helmets…. Something new!!!

  32. Georgiagirl01 says:

    I think they are awesome!

  33. Sally G. 1975 says:

    One game–not a problem. My sons will probably love the look, but I miss the traditional helmet and silver britches! Not wild about Boise’s all white, either, but there are much bigger fish to fry out there!

  34. Bleed ORANGE says:

    WOW……hope it dont EVER spill over to UT! LOL….dont ever want to hear another bright orange joke after this. GO SEC!

  35. hairydawg says:

    wow most of you people are stupid the uniform looks damn good and plus yall are not wearing them the players are support your team no matter what smh

  36. BAMAOLISOUS says:

    I think harrydawg are calling most the GA fans stupid…..LMAO….damn good hairlydawg!

  37. I’m thinking about getting the jersey. Cmon people its time for a change everybody has to change their jersey’s some time in another. Plus its for only one game. I sure hope the gloves aren’t though those things are bad ass. Its like the Alabama A and now we have our own Georgia Dawg G totally love that :)