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Georgia Bulldogs Ranked 24th in latest AP Top 25 Poll

UGAThe Georgia Bulldogs have re-entered the AP Top 25 Poll. The Dawgs are ranked 24th and are tied with Arizona State.

Georgia was ranked 19th going into the 2011 season, but dropped out after losing to Boise State.

The Dawgs remain unranked in the USA Today Coaches Poll. However, they are first in “others receiving votes” meaning they are 26th. Arizona State leads Georgia in that poll by 26 votes.

After last nights victory at Vanderbilt, Georgia is 5-2 overall and 4-1 in the SEC. The Dawgs enjoy an off week next weekend before traveling to Jacksonville to face the Florida Gators. A win there would put the Bulldogs in position for a possible appearance in the SEC Championship Game for the first time since 2005.


  1. we wont keep a the number 24 rank this week and next week to
    we csn beat a the florida this year like we did in 2007 we did it
    just now we are the top 25 rank for now almost to be number 1 in country for us lsu to get lose the game for us

  2. Kenneth B says:

    Ok if you are going to make a post about a COLLEGE football team, College being the key word. Please learn how to formulate a sentence, and learn how to spell as well please. Your post doesn’t make any sense. GO DAWGS…… we will beat the Florida GAY-turds in Jacksonville

    • You think so ???? !! I dont know who is more stupid you or aj mclellan ? Gators will win and your overated qb will be on his back and thats a fact ! CHOMP CHOMP !!!!

    • I wish they had “like” buttons, because I would “like” Kenneth’s post. In addition, why is there a Gaytor fan on a Georgia fan site?!?!?!?! I think I stated this last week! How do you think Florida will win if they don’t have a decent quarteback? Plus they’ve looked like (pardon my language) shit in their last 3 games.

    • Nick did you and aj mclellan go to the same speacial ed school ?? Because you are clueless !!!! We will have Brantley back and we are going to whip up on some puppies !!! We own the bulldogs and have now since 1990 !! Hello wake up CHOMP CHOMP

    • Its Great 2ba Gatorhator says:

      Another rude gator fan !! How surprising ! The most classless fans in College Football by far. GO DAWGS !!!!

  3. Go Dawgs !!! Get ready and lets eat some deep fried gator tail !! SIC EM !!!!

  4. Get ready to see total domination by Georgia!! Florida sucks! go dawgs! I hate the Gay-turds.

  5. Dawgpound says:

    Go Dawgs !!!! SIC EM. Beat dem gators

  6. Dawg till i die 48 says:

    i believe we got the fire to win and were hungry for it florida aint our defense is great our front line will dominate and our offense gets better every game i believe we got this

  7. MariettaDawg says:

    The Dawgs are on the climb back, and will represent the East in Atlanta. Go Dawgs!!!! Enjoy the week off.. You earned it!

  8. bleedingred22 says:

    its said when a florida fan is on a dawgs page but thats why half of them if not all are still in the closet but they commin out 1 at a time haha… cant hold a DAWGS mouth down with tape…(SICK EM DAWGS)

  9. Go Dawgs !!! I smell fried gator tail mmm mmm good !!!