UGA Tickets
UGA Tickets

Auburn at Georgia to be televised by CBS at 3:30

CBSSaturday’s game between the Auburn Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs will be televised by CBS at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Georgia (7-2, 5-1 SEC) is coming off a 63-16 trampling of New Mexico State. Auburn (6-3, 4-2 SEC) was off on Saturday.

The Bulldogs are currently ranked 14th in the AP Poll, 16th in the Coaches Poll and 15th in the BCS Standings. Auburn is ranked 24th, 25th and 20th, respectively.

This will be Georgia’s second appearance on CBS this season. The Georgia-Florida game on Oct. 29 was the first.

Aaron Murray and the Dawgs look to avenge last years 49-31 loss at the hands of the eventual BCS National Champions. Tickets for the game are available.

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  1. While this will likely be true… not sure what the source is on this. The @SethEmerson Twitter feed directly contradicts this as being official. I think this is conjecture and false.

  2. Official now.

  3. I was hoping for a night game, but this will do.

  4. wrightsville dog says:

    we might get the night game against uk. but 3:30 works for me. johnson conty goes all the way to marion county friday night… i cant get home at 2am 2 nights in a row!!!

    • Do you live in tn? and are you talking about high school football? if so, marion county is terrible

    • wrightsville dog says:

      no… georgia. WRIGHTSVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!! home of the greatest. mr. herschel walker. were the 4 seed and marion is the 1 seed. they are undefeated. but our boys will be ready. let us win and the dawgs kick some tiger/eagle/plainsmen/whatever the hell they call themselves ass this weekend. GO DAWGS!!!

  5. zactownsend says:

    Is this game going to be a blackout???

  6. hope we blackout!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dawg till i die 48 says:

    I love the blackouts honestly but guys dont call me crazy or diss me but,i would think it be awesome if we pulled out the pro combat uni’s one more time it dont beat the good ole red jerseys,but i would still love to see it one more time especially against auburn

  8. People say that the Blackouts were bad luck and failures, but really, we went 2-1 with the black jerseys. Just because we lost a game doesn’t mean that they should be thrown out. They’re good looking jerseys. I’d love to see them return.

  9. hope we blackout
    almost the same circumstances as 2007 and I was at that game…..the stadium was on fire
    we’re on a roll and lets keep the team pumped

  10. I think a blackout would be great! They need to just do what they did in 2007 where there warmed up in red then ran out in black. The suprise gets the crowd more rowdy that way.

  11. Its great 2ba gator hator says:

    Go dawgs !!!!!!!! Beat them pussy cats lets declaw em !!!!