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Georgia falls to Michigan State 33-30 in 3 OT's in 2012 Outback Bowl

Outback BowlBlair Walsh had a 47-yard field goal blocked in the 3rd overtime as the no. 17 Michigan State Spartans beat the no. 16 Georgia Bulldogs 33-30 in the 2012 Outback Bowl.

Georgia led the game 16-0 at halftime, but two third quarter interceptions by Aaron Murray led to 14 points for the Spartans. Late in the fourth, Murray hit Tavarres King for a 12-yard TD and then a two-point conversion to Brandon Boykin to take a 27-20 lead.

After an interception by Georgia’s Jonathan Jenkins with 3:56 remaining, the Bulldogs managed to gain only six yards plus another 10 on penalties. A Drew Butler punt gave the Spartans the ball at their own 15 with 1:55 remaining.

Michigan State quickly drove 84 yards to the Georgia one-yard line and then scored on their fourth play which sent the game to overtime.

In the first overtime, the Spartans got the ball first but turned it over with an interception on third down. On Georgia’s possession, Murray threw one pass and then, inexplicably, downed the ball at the 25. Blair Walsh missed the 42-yard kick.

The second overtime featured successful field goals by both teams, 47-yards by Walsh and 35-yards by Dan Conroy of MSU.

In the 3rd and final overtime, Conroy’ 28-yard field goal gave Michigan State the 33-30 victory after Walsh’s 47-yard attempt was blocked.

Poor clock management late and questionable overtime decisions by the coaches led to Georgia’s second straight bowl defeat. It is the first time the Dawgs have loss back-to-back bowl games since the 1982-83 seasons.

Aaron Murray finished the game 20-of-32 for 288 yards, two touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Ken Malcome led the Dawgs in rushing with 51 yards, but it was a lackluster effort on the ground overall.

The two bright spots for Georgia were Tavarres King and Brandon Boykin. King caught six passes for a school-record 205 yards and one touchdown. Boykin was everywhere, recording a safety, 92-yard punt return touchdown and a 13-yard touchdown reception.

Georgia finishes the 2011 season 10-4 overall (7-1 SEC).

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  1. P. Turner says:

    Bobo needs to be fired. Two minutes and he runs up the middle. Looked like the second half of Championship game.

  2. JaxDawg05 says:

    Defense played great, Murray still needs to work on ball security and UGA is in desperate need of depth on the DL, OL and RB position. Future is bright. Go Dawgs.

  3. Willie Martinez says:

    P.Turner is right. After 15 plays for no gain and to continue to run it up the gut? Thats not persistance it is ignorance! C’Mon Bobo. All American Tight End with no pass attempts was very deceptive too. Fullback on the bench when the QB is under pressure,,, brilliant. What on earth is the solution? With several recruits declaring tomorrow we will look great with this black eye. Way to @#$% the bed on prom night UGA.

  4. Bobo has got to go !!!!

  5. Please FIRE bobo!!!! Why can Rich not see that he needs a great OC. He hired Grantham and look at our defense. Bobo is horrible!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Was hoping for the SEC sweep of the big televen,tewelve. After watching Richt laughing at Dantonio for reviewing the reception with pass interference call at about 3:30, it was clear Richt is a little boy at coaching. It was a sophisticated call by a much superior coaching staff. The pass was incomplete putting 13 seconds back on the clock and I don’t think Richt ever got it. He was laughing like the game was already over. Michigan State gets to run for the tying score with 14 seconds left as opposed to 1. The overtime could have gone either way. Spartans always appeared at an advantage with coaching leadership.
    You could see the dogs were really lost as was the coach. What a fool..the guy is a classless ass.

    • Classless? You think this guy is classless? That shows you are an ignorant moron who has nothing better to do than criticize a man he knows nothing about on the internet. Watch this video and see if you think he is classless.

  7. Bobo is just awful. Can’t think of an OC who does less with the talent he has — can you?

  8. The dawgs are no doubt a great team and i am and always will be a die hard fan. with that said, ole boy is right, fire bobo because the only reason we are 10-4 right now is because our PLAYERS put their damn HEARTS into this season to not end up with another 6-6 season or worse this year. my preseason prediction was 7-5. but ya.. we hired grantham and look at our defense, we should only let him go if our defense starts performing like bobos offense ! why doesnt richt just go back to calling the plays like he did when he first got to UGA !? if he doesnt want to do that then yes, we need a new OC. if we had someone better the dawgs woulda finished 12-2 this season cuz south carolina and boise state wouldnt have beaten us and there is no doubt in my mind about that. but.. GO DAWGS ! gonna open a can of WOOF ASS next season – at least 9 wins !

    p.s. mizzou aint ready ;)

  9. Bobo will be the death of us

  10. he needs to come down from the booth and coach stop being so damn consevative

  11. The definitaion of insanity is: Continue doing the same thing, expecting different results. I think the dawg nation has seen enough of BoBo’s insanity. If you got the horses, let them run. Don’t slow them down. Murray should have been pulled from this game and someone else given a shot. Can’t blame Mason if he leaves. Two interceptions, fumble, and Murray keeps playing. The defense played a whale of a game. The offense just couldn;t keep them off the field long enough to get a rest. It will be a sad 2012 for the bulldog nation if BoBo stays.

  12. FIRE BOBO says:

    Bobo SUCKS !!!! Get Rid of him !! That was the Worst Play Calling in Overtime I have Ever seen in my Life

    • Amen to that!

    • Not only then but the last four minutes of the game too. One first down and the game is over. Lets just run up the middle again and again and again because that makes sense when you don’t make one yard everytime you do it. Dumbass

  13. We can all say Bozo has to go but CMR can over rule any play he chooses. But it seems he either agrees with Bozo’s play calling or chooses not to do anything about during games. Either way, he is the captain, and if the captain won’t make changes, he will one day go down with his ship. The only problem with that situation is it’s a slow death for us all. It really seems to be heading in that direction. Bozo needs to grow some balls and at least lose the game fighting and not tucking his tail between his legs and running, hoping the D will pull it out. IF we have him next year, nothing will change, NOTHING! So much talent wasted on inexperienced coaching. I don’t think Bozo could coach high school and he’s at UGA! I hate to see anyone get fired but if I couldn’t do my job and 100,000 fans were screaming for my head, I’d have to bow out with what grace I have left, which ain’t much at this point.

  14. wrightsville dog says:

    I love Georgia with all my heart and I am a die-hard fan. Season tickets and all, I went to every game i could possibly go to this year. I could not go to this game, gladly, but there is only one thing holding us back, and that is BOBO!
    Our players played fantastic, as you can see Boykin played his heart out and had the best game of his career. Every player wanted to be out there to win. However, coaching got in the way.
    Look at Grantham… the intensity led us to the #3 ranked D in the land behind the NC contenders. We can become a NC contender if we do a couple of things.
    1. Get rid of Bobo. He is a high school coach. My son plays Class A ball and he wouldn’t want Bobo to be his coach. Bobo is a GISA coach.
    2. With Bobo gone, a good QB coach would be good. Murray has the talent, but with stupid deciscions, (the first interception) most people know not t othrow that pass!
    3. We need a special teams coordinator and put more emphasis. Special teams always gets looked over (even in high school), but it is an important aspect of the game. Special teams and defense wins ballgames!!! Look and i bet a third of every game is determined by special teams.
    Bobo needs to go, but i don’t think Richt has the balls to do it. I think great things can happen with this Bulldog bunch. S&C will help these freshmen, but as hope for RBs coming up here in Wrightsville, they aint Herschel! Isaiah and Keith Marshall have the talent, they just aint Herschel.
    I love the Dawgs and I’m ready for next season,starting with Buffalo and what I think with another trip to the Dome to face traitor Mettenburger or asshole Saban. Then maybe we can be booking trips to New Orleans or maybe even Miami. 10-4 is better than 6-7, and we are gonna keep on doing good,yes this lost will lower our preseason ranking, but we work better under the radar.
    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!! (i did not proofread so don’t be surprised of errors)

  15. Bobo sux!!! He needs to go and if CMR can’t see that then bye to him too. UGA will never win an SEC championship with that idiot running our offense. They were flat all day!! Grantham did a hell of a job getting the defense prepared. That goes to show what a good coordinator can do.

  16. Tree Dawg says:

    Both Richt and Bobo need to go. Defense played well enough to win the game for UGA, but mistakes on offense and poor offensive play calling cost us the Michigan and LSU games.

  17. I think I figured out UGA’s offense, and undoubtedly every defensive coordinator has… we’re in shotgun, must be a draw play; in the I formation now, play action pass. Doing the irrational thing isn’t a play calling scheme, it is moronic. I suppose Reagan said it best, “the problem with common sense is that it’s not all that common.”
    Bobo is a joke, but it is the same play calling that Richt did when he called the plays. I don’t think Bobo actually calls the plays, the offense hasn’t changed since DJ was at the helm.

  18. Coach Hubb says:

    All I have to say is when u play conservative u get BEAT!!! Why would u put your trust in your 20-32 fg kicker? Put your trust in the 11 guys who touches the field the most not a kicker who missed 12 fgs this season. Ok just 1 more thing if the ball is in your offense hands w/3min left in the 4th qrt & u loss in OT your OC gotta go!!!!

    • Richt’s conservatism cost us this game, no doubt. We should have done everything possible to keep the ball late in the 4th, rather than 4 runs up the gut for 1 yard each.

  19. dawglover says:

    Why the he– is The Idiot Bobo not Fired yet ????? Bobo is a Bozo and makes being Dawg fan suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Patience, patience. Next year we have an easier schedule than this year…the only real test early is Missou on the road. Granted, Bobo has not done a great job this year but perhaps CMR can work out some kinks this spring. I think the offense is predictable but I think they need to use MORE play action. Also, Aaron Murray needs to watch some Andrew Luck videos and learn how to keep his composure and compete like a man. Defense is looking good and the chance at LSU this year and an SEC title is a pretty significant improvement from a loss to CFU last season. Hold your heads up, Dawgs…It aint always easy, but it’s always great to be a Gator Hater.

    • I don’t have a problem with play action, just the inopportune times it’s used. Like on 3rd and 10 in overtime. Obviously we aren’t running there.

  21. Fire Bobo Now !!!!!!!!

  22. BOBO IS BOZO says:

    Fire Bobo !!!! Fire Bobo !!!! Fire Bobo !!!!!