Mark Richt gets Salary Increase and One-Year Contract Extension

By Kevin Kelley -
Mark Richt
Mark Richt

Mark Richt has received a pay bump and contract extension. Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

After a 12-2 season and second straight SEC East title, UGA head coach Mark Richt has been rewarded with a salary increase and a contract extension, UGA has announced.

Richt has received a salary increase from $2.8 million to $3.2 million. He also received an additional year on the contract he signed last season, which now puts him at UGA through 2017.

“I’m honored and very thankful to Dr. (Michael) Adams, Greg McGarity, and the Athletic Board for their support in what we are working daily to accomplish,” said Richt in a statement. “I look forward along with our staff to preparing this team for the challenges of another season. From what I’ve heard, our team is working hard in the off-season conditioning program and paying the price necessary to be successful in the Fall.”

Richt’s contract signed in 2012 states that if he decides to leave Georgia or retire, he will owe the University no money. It also stipulates that Richt will make $200,000 for winning the SEC Championship and $800,000 for a BCS National Championship.

In his 12 seasons as head coach at Georgia, Mark Richt is 118-40 (.747). He has won two SEC championships (2002 and 2005) and appeared in the SEC Championship Game five times. Richt has led the Dawgs to a bowl appearance each season and has gone 8-4 in those games.

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  1. Congratulations, Coach Richt. Well deserved and loyal GA fans are very proud you, as a coach and as a man !! Thanks for being at UGA. You are such a fine example of what a head coach should be, always polite and a classy person. Again, so proud of you, and happy to have you.

  2. Mark can you please go back to basics at Georgia and use more of the running game and have a good defence and one hell of a field goal kicker this is how Alabama wins national championships I am greatful to have you as our coach and you have done a great job but now is the time for the dawg nation to rise up to much tallent my mom is 79 years old and loves her dawgs want to see her happy before she leaves this world.I know its hard in the sec but we can hang with the best.By the way when you came here from Florida state you used the no huddle can we try that again to get defences out of tempo. Sorry to bother you but if you get this I only want the best from my boy’s. Again thanks

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