1. I wouldn’t wear a hat with that logo under any circumstances. It’s even worse than any logo by other teams with the bulldog as their mascot. I’ll stick to the old classic UGA bulldog, thank you!!!!

  2. Font doesn’t bother me, but you won’t catch me sporting that new bulldog. That hairy dog doesn’t look like it has half the bite the classic dawg has.

  3. Y’all complain too much. I guarantee, by opening day, most of you will think that’s the best looking thing ever.

  4. Really–UGA was the bomb..why you gotta go and mess up a good thing! sometimes change is not the right thing–NIKE-UGA is the most well known mascot Nationwide–and you change it? No way will I even think about that dof ’cause it ain’t a DAWG!

  5. Georgia is trying to stay traditional but also compete with schools and coaches that are changing there logos hiring younger coaches. Their trying to stay modern and yet leave on foot in the traditional doorway. At first I was excited to hear about a new logo then saw it then was very disappointed. After looking at it a few times I like it and under stand the need for change. A fan sticks with its team don’t be haters! GOOOOO DAWGS!

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