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UGA Calling for Black Out for Kentucky Game

UGA - Black Out - Kentucky
UGA usually wears black on the road. (Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports)

The Georgia Bulldogs are calling for a Black Out for the Kentucky game this Tuesday night (9pm ET, ESPN).

UGA posted the message on Twitter shortly after the Bulldogs’ 68-44 rout of the Missouri Tigers.

With the win today, Georgia improved to 19-9 overall and 10-6 in the SEC. The win also means that the Bulldogs are likely a lock for the 2015 NCAA Tournament.

Kentucky, the top-ranked team in the country, is 28-0 on the season and 15-0 in the SEC. They take on Arkansas today and could be 29-0 when they roll into Athens on Tuesday.

Georgia usually wears black uniforms on the road and alternates between their white and gray uniforms at home. For the Kentucky game, the Dawgs could possibly wear black.

I realize that some people don’t like “Black Out” games or alternate uniforms. However, this is what the school and players want. So wear black and be loud on Tuesday night! Go Dawgs!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. lemondrop87

    Mar 1, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    The only time “Black Out” worked for Dawgs was in the Auburn Football game way back yonder; don’t have nothing against black when it is used along with other colors but just don’t like it alone; reminds me too much of a death and the Dawgs Hoops aren’t dead. But they will have their hands full to beat the ‘Cats’ regardless of what they wear; But Lets GOOOO Dawgs; Beattt Theee Catssss!!!

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