Loyola-Chicago Embarrasses Georgia 74-53 In NIT Season Tip-Off
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Loyola-Chicago Embarrasses Georgia 74-53 In NIT Season Tip-Off


Ever heard of Rockhurst University? They are a small Division II college in Kansas City, Missouri. On Friday, they beat Loyola-Chicago 86-79. Tonight, the defending SEC Tournament Champion Georgia Bulldogs were embarrassed by Loyola 74-53. Does that mean Georgia can’t beat Rockhurst? Maybe, maybe not. But you have to wonder.

The futility that was Georgia basketball last year made a miracle run to win the SEC Tournament. Will that happen again this season? It’s not likely, but what is likely is that the Bulldogs will repeat their long scoring droughts and overall offensive ineptness.

Dennis Felton was on the hot seat last season and may have saved his job with the tournament victory. But with this loss, and it is a BAD loss, the “Fire Felton” rhetoric will begin once again. Felton has done a decent job of cleaning up the program and getting UGA back on the right track. Is it time to move forward without him? If so, when is the right time to make a move?

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