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UGA Football Head Coaches

Dr. Charles Herty was the first head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. Below is the full list of UGA football head coaches with their records, including current head coach Kirby Smart.


Dr. Charles Herty18922110.500
Ernest Brown18935221.400
Robert Winston18946510.833
Glenn “Pop” Warner1895-9611740.636
Charles McCarthy1897-989630.797
Gordon Saussy18996231.333
E.E. Jones19006240.333
Billy Reynolds1901-0215573.333
M.M. Dickinson1903, ’0513490.308
Charles A. Barnard19046150.167
W.S. Whitney1906-0715672.400
Branch Bocock19088521.625
J. Coulter & Frank Dobson19097142.143
W.A. Cunningham1910-197043189.614
H.J. Stegeman1920-22292063.690
George “Kid” Woodruff1923-274730161.638
Harry Mehre1928-379959346.596
Joel Hunt193810541.500
Wally Butts1939-60235140869.596
Johnny Griffith1961-633010164.333
Vince Dooley1964-882882017710.698
Ray Goff1989-958146341.568
Jim Donnan1996-005940190.678
Mark Richt2001-15196145510.740
Bryan McClendon2015-161100.1000
Kirby Smart2016-184232100.750

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