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Georgia's Future Non-conference Opponents and Guarantees through 2016

UGAWith the recent deal to pay ULM a school-record $1.2 million, we thought we would take a look at Georgia’s upcoming non-conference opponents and the guarantee for each.

When Director of Athletics Greg McGarity was hired from Florida in August of 2010, he brought with him their scheduling philosophy. That philosophy is to play a non-conference schedule consisting of one BCS conference team, two middle to lower level FBS teams and one FCS team.

McGarity immediately cancelled the 2015-16 series with Oregon, and later cancelled the Louisville series in order to play Boise State in 2011. Games that he has scheduled include Charleston Southern, Georgia Southern, Florida Atlantic, South Alabama, Southern and ULM.

McGarity also signed a memorandum of understanding to play Ohio State in 2020 and 2021.

Since Georgia Tech is on the schedule each year, the Dawgs won’t schedule many BCS conference teams except every five years or so. The exception will be 2013-14 since Clemson was already on the books.

Listed below are Georgia’s non-conference football opponent’s and the guarantee for each. UGA will receive $1.7 million for playing Boise State and $300,000 for playing at Clemson. Also, Georgia paid Appalachian State an additional $75,000 for moving the game from 2009 to 2013.


  • 09/03 – Boise State
  • 09/17 – Coastal Carolina ($475,000)
  • 11/05 – New Mexico State ($925,000)
  • 11/26 – at Georgia Tech


  • 09/01 – Buffalo ($975,000)
  • 09/15 – Florida Atlantic ($1,000,000)
  • 11/17 – Georgia Southern ($475,000)
  • 11/24 – Georgia Tech


  • 08/31 – at Clemson
  • 09/07 – Appalachian State ($325,000)
  • 09/21 – North Texas ($975,000)
  • 11/30 – at Georgia Tech


  • 08/30 – Clemson ($300,000)
  • 11/08 – South Alabama ($900,000)
  • 11/22 – Charleston Southern ($450,000)
  • 11/29 – Georgia Tech


  • 09/05 – Southern ($650,000)
  • 11/07 – ULM ($1,200,000)
  • 11/28 – at Georgia Tech


  • 11/19 – Georgia Southern ($525,000)
  • 11/26 – Georgia Tech


  • vs. Ohio State (2 games)



  1. Why on earth are we paying Clemson anything?

  2. I’ll continue to buy my season tickets (they’ll be pried out of my cold, dead hands), but the non-conference scheduling is turning into a joke. We don’t need to play a big out of conference game every year, but the Gator-ization of the schedule sometimes is hard to stomach especially when I have to write the checks.

  3. Why are we paying ULM 1.2 million? Seems high

  4. Good question about Clemson. That doesn’t make any sense.

  5. I think it is pretty pathetic. I fear that there will be an excuse and we will never follow through with Ohio State. NFL fans gripe, and rightfully so, over having to pay for those two exhibitions. But we have garbage games that we pay the same for as we do for Alabama or LSU or Florida…oh wait, Florida never comes to Sanford Stadium, do they?

    I am not saying play a second BCS team every year, but we should at least every other year.

  6. I’m just glad the Clemson rivalry is being renewed for 2 seasons. Those games will draw a lot of fans.

  7. ToccoaDawg says:

    I wish Georgia played Clemson every year. That was a true Rivalry.

  8. I enjoy watching UGA play a tough out of conference schedule. The games vs. Arizona St, Okla St and Colorado have been nice to watch and great for bragging rights, kinda like the anytime, anywhere method of a good ol’ fist fight. This Boise game will be great also. I dont not like this new guy from UF doing our schedule, putting pansies in our way. Teams like UF and Tx Longhorns most seasons take the easy road to the top. They play nobody in their non-conference schedule. Hell, getting rid of McGarity is the best thing UF did. UF hasnn’t left the state of FL for a road non-conference game in years. I would rather not win it all and be able to brag about how the dawgs aren’t afraid to play anyone. That there in no automatic W on the schedule for us to get a championship. If the dawgs get there, I’d like to say they have earned it. And yes I realize what conference they are in and ppl will say if that isn’t enough that what is, but a little extra never hurt anyone. I live outside Austin and enjoy telling these Longhorn fans how they play weak out of conference comp. and the dawgs play atleast two teams from the big six every yr. So I don’t like this new system this gator is putting in play.

  9. wine dawg says:

    Give me 1)8 home games ala Tenn (except in the odd years when we go to Atlanta); 2) 3 out-of-conf cupcakes ala Florida, and I’ll be glad to pay more for my season tix — any day, any year. I’m sick of our key opponents taking advantage of soft scheduling without any repurcussions from the press/ESPN, etc. Whomever scheduled this Boise State game should be drawn and quartered as far as the UGA group I associate is concerned. We’re coming off a disastrous season and face a loaded SC team in week 2 — after getting our butts kicked by Kellen Moore!!! Wow, that’s the kind of scheduling that gives us a real leg up in the SEC. Let’s get so more of that stuff.

  10. ah ga goes 2-0 to start the season. since when was a uga fan worried about the gamecocks. the kid at rb wont look the same in year two. they never do