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Boise State Dominates Georgia 35-21

UGABoise State dominated Georgia 35-21 on Saturday in the 2011 Chick-fil-A College Kickoff. It was the first win for the Broncos against an SEC team.

The game didn’t start well for the Dawgs as they incurred three penalties on their first drive. Then on the third possession, Brandon Boykin took a handoff 80 yards for a touchdown to give the Bulldogs a 7-0 lead.

Things were starting to look up, or so it seemed at the moment. Two possessions later, Boise State answered with their own touchdown and added another score in the 2nd quarter to take a 14 -7 lead into halftime.

The Broncos kept that momentum in the the third quarter, scoring touchdowns on two of their first three possessions to lead 28-7. Aaron Murray then hit Orson Charles for a 36-yard touchdown late in the third to cut the lead back to 14.

Boise State opened the 4th quarter with another touchdown drive to put the Dawgs down 35-14. On UGA’s next possession, Aaron Murray hit freshman Malcomlm Mitchell with a 51-yard touchdown strike to again bring the Dawgs within 14.

But that was the last score for the Dawgs. Boise got the ball back and ran nearly 6 minutes off the clock against a tired Bulldogs defense. Georgia would get the ball back two more times, but turned it over on downs.

Aaron Murray finished the game 16-of-29 for 236 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Orson Charles led the Dawgs in receiving with 6 receptions for 109 yards and a TD.

Isaiah Crowell, the heralded freshman from Columbus, rushed for 60 yards on 15 carries. Richard Samuel, who started the game, rushed 7 times for 12 yards.

The loss is devastating for Georgia and their fans. Not just because it was a big game, but also how they lost. Georgia was again inept on offense and penalized often. And then there are the third and long runs up the middle for no reason.

Georgia needs to bounce back quick or the 2011 season could get really ugly. 12th ranked South Carolina visits this weekend (4:30 p.m. ET – ESPN – Tickets). If the Dawgs can’t find a way to win that game, it could be a very long season.

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  1. Dawg Alumni says:

    Coach Richt you Suck !! Cant even beat UCF or Boise state !! Dont Forget we are in the SEC !! HELLO !! COACH ??????

    • It’s not Richt who sucks, it’s Bobo.

    • Its not Bobo either…. Murray was used to having AJ Green and his speed did you see none of the receivers could get break away and catch, most all the long passes went right over their heads, cause they dont have that speed… and apparently Murray has been broken by the coaches on running.. cause he didnt really try last nite at all..

    • Samuel Easley says:

      We were outcoached so badly;It was embarrassing. I see nothing different from last year. Bobo is awful. – Richter should resign. Gamecocks/Spurrier must be laughing.

  2. disappointed says:

    i was there unfortunately. should have gone to dragon*con instead.

  3. will always be a dawg says:

    to dawg alumni; do you have a clue, i don’t think so, it would be the worst thing for georgia football to let coach richt go, don’t forget boise st. was the favorite in the game and they were the n
    #5 rankined team in the country for a reason, you are the kind of fan that gives georgia fans a bad name, if they had won you probably would be calling coach richt the greatest coach for the turn around he made from last season, remember this team is very young, and he did run the cancers on the team off, now if only we could run the cancerous fans away too.

    • Dawg Alumni says:

      Realy !! Check again
      You dont run off alumni and boosters !!
      We dont go away but richt needs to

    • will always be a dawg says:

      to dawg alumni, if you had a clue it would be different, all you are is a bandwagon alum, just because you give a couple of dollars doesn’t mean you know what you are talking about, like i said people like you would be yelling the loudest if we had won, what a great job coach richt had done in the off season,the team we played was ranked #5 for a reason, they were better than us, there is no bigger bulldog fan than myself, i don’t have to check again to see what you are.

    • Actually, you’re the only Dawgs fan that thinks we should keep Richt. Buddy, it’s been over three years of this, so how long do we sit and accept mediocracy? UGA recruits some of the best athletes every year, but yet we lost to Colorado last year. Hate to say it b/c he’s a great man, but Richt has lost this program, which means it’s time to move on!

  4. On top of everything I agree with the end of this story… Why did we rush the ball on so many third and longs.. that was just completely stupid…

  5. Richt should resign. I was embarrassed to be there in Red. I hope Boise catches Bama or LSU for Title game. Boise would be steamrolled like we could have done had we been coached. UGAlooked like Pop Warner or worse.

  6. Fire Richt !!! Fire Richt !!! Fire Richt !!!
    That was a pathetic coaching job period and every one knows it !!
    I am tired of watching the bulldogs being out coached

  7. FanofCarolina says:

    Hey UGA fans, I come in peace here. I want you guys to know that SC was pulling for you guys to win. We hate the fact that ESPN is all over Boys St. nutz!
    Also, we are not laughing at the loss you guys had against Boise St., just your uni’s….(J/K) I thought they looked pretty cool.
    We look forward to one heck of a game come Saturday! Hope you guys have a good week of practice and hope your injured ILB gets well soon! He’s a good one!

    • Well we have to beat you guys FanofCarolina!! Or our coach is a walking dead man his seat is very very hot !! UGA needs to get rid of the losing bug fast !! GO DAWGS !!

    • will always be a dawg says:

      thank you for that post, all of these fans on here that shout fire richt{in my opinion} don’t have a clue, it would be a terrible thing for georgia football to fire a man of coach richt’s character.

    • Dawg since58 says:

      We need to go after Kirby smart !! We missed Mushchamp and young Dooley already !! Richt has no fire left lets make a change !!

    • Character doesn’t win football games. Coaching does….

    • will always be a dawg says:

      So,, RSWDawg let me understand correctly, you don’t care if these your men develop good charachter and morals as long as you can brag about our alma mater winning, so so sad.

    • georgia bulldog team says:

      bring it on!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Where in the Hell did you guys get those uniforms. you are definitely tied for no.1 with Oregon for the UGA-ly uniforms in the NCAA. Whew, those things look like early 1900′s men’s swim outfits.

  9. Well that was a terrible executed game. Our offensive line is terrible and Mike Bobo’s play calling cna be defended by a fifth grader. I don’t know why Richt hangs on to that guy but since he did they are going to get there walking papers real soon. It sucks because Richt is a good guy and all but he seems like he is ho hum out there. Kirby Smart would be a great choice.

  10. RealityCheckTime says:

    Take your pick….

    1. Urban Meyer
    2. Kirby Smart
    3. Chris Peterson
    4. Dan Mullen
    5. Troy Calhoun

    One of them will be the DAWGS Head Coach come December or January… Bet the farm on it.

    • JimmyJamGarvin says:

      Meyer won’t come out of retirement to coach again. Kirby, in my view, isn’t ready. Peterson will stay at Boise unless some major $$$ come his way. Calhoun would bring a NFL pedigree and a disciplined approach to the job but would us UGA fans embrace his spread triple option offense? I cannot see a QB surviving long in the SEC running a Triple Option Offense unless he was built like Tim Tebow. Dan Mullen would be hard to pass up due to his experience and frankly if anyone can win with the ugly Bulldogs, what can one do with the pretty ones? My pick would be Mullen or Calhoun with Mullen being first choice.

  11. I agree that Richt is having a tough run, but to all of you on the “FIRE RICHT” bandwagon – let’s say we do. Who is going to replace him? Richt is now a victim of his own early success. And it has only been 1 game against a number 5 team. If we have another abysmal 6-7 year and get embarassed by Fla again, then I think the “FIRE” bandwagon will get what it wants. Until thnen let’s show a little unity.

  12. Tim Haines says:

    I am a BSU fan and have been my whole life being that I live in Idaho. What else do we have to cheer about in a land known for potatoes and blue turf? With that being said, thanks for the game, I hope UGA bonuses back and has a good run in the SEC. You boys are big and fast, I think things will start to gel a few weeks in. Your QB has a great arm and in all reality had a good game. Boise was just better in this game. Not bad for a small school eh?