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Georgia fumbles their way to a 45-42 loss to South Carolina

UGAGeorgia committed several costly errors Saturday evening en route to a 45-42 loss the the 12th ranked South Carolina Gamecocks. The loss drops the Dawgs to 0-2 overall and 0-1 in the SEC.

The Bulldogs started well but couldn’t get into the endzone, instead settling for two first quarter field goals. The teams then traded touchdowns (Stephen Garcia to Alshon Jeffery; Aaron Murray to Rantavious Wooten).

With just under three minutes left, the Gamecocks’ Melvin Ingram took a fake punt and rushed 68 yards for a touchdown and gave USC a 14-13 halftime lead.

Georgia regained the lead 20-14 in the third, but then it fell apart for the Bulldogs. UGA freshman running back Isaiah Crowell fumbled the ball, which was returned by South Carolina to the Georgia five. Garcia punched it in to make it 21-20 USC.

On the ensuing possession, Murray was intercepted at the Georgia 25 and it was returned for a TD to make it 28-20. Later, Murray hit Michael Bennett to tie the game at 28 after the two-point conversion.

Late in the fourth trailing 38-35, Georgia had the ball at their own 30. But Murray was sacked and fumbled the ball for another USC defensive score. The Dawgs would get one more TD to make it 45-42, but that’s where the game ended.

I agree with the Senator in that “…you can’t lay this one on the coaches.” Last week, sure. Last night was a monumentally better effort from the staff and the players. But in my opinion, the four big mistakes were the difference in the game: Allowing the fake punt for the TD, Crowell’s fumble, Murray’s pick-6 and Murray’s sack and fumble for a TD.

“Really, it was three defensive scores. And the punt, too. Melvin, he’s a defensive player. So that’s basically four defensive touchdowns,” coach Steve Spurrier said. “Georgia outplayed us. Give ‘em credit. They definitely outplayed us. But we won the game. Sometimes it happens like that. Somebody was looking out for us tonight.”

Georgia should pick up their first win of the season this Saturday when they host the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (1:00 p.m. ET – PPV – Tickets). The following week, the Dawgs travel to take on the Ole Miss Rebels.

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  1. Should have had them cocks!! Crowell is a beast he looked awesone!

  2. Dawgs make 2 many mistakes. We really should hav won this one. Richt had them ready. Especially the offensve line.

  3. That showed me enough I believe and everyone else should too! Keep the faith!

  4. Completely different team this week compared to last weekend against BSU. Crowell lived up to the reputation of being compared to knowshon, and i expect great things from him ( if he can hold on to the damn ball). Murray was reading the defense alot better but made some decisions that werent the best. The O line could have done a better job in protecting the quarter back, hell we have one of the biggest Offensive lines in the SEC!!!

  5. UGADAWGBITE says:

    All of Bulldog nation should be proud, a much better looking team than last Saturday. I think Richt should stay atleast until the end of the season. Keep the faith!

  6. I believe in this team! Keep the faith Bulldog Nation!

  7. Substantially better effort all the way around. We were the better team on the field Saturday, but three turnovers for 21 pts will always cause a loss. Crowell is the real deal, he’s got next week to gear up and we should pick up momentum moving into the sec games. Excited to watch this play out, coach richt and the staff did a great job preparing them this week.

  8. Has Aaron Murray become Brett Favre? For every spectacular throw on Saturday came a pick 6 or fumble trying to set up a screen play deep in UGA territory. Love his fire and skill set, but would love to see better ball protection from a third year QB.

  9. We need to stop making these stupid mistakes. The turnovers are killing us. We looked so much better and had those damn cocks on the rope, but the turnovers at critical points. Hold on to the damn ball.

  10. Richt did what he was supposed to he got the DAWGS ready and made good calls. He didnt miss the kick, fummble the ball, miss the taclke, or throw the quick pick 6. We will end of 9-3 this year. Keep Crowell in the game and we can beat anyone !! GO DAWGS !!!!!!

  11. itsgreat 2 b a gatorhator says:

    GO DAWGS Our Winning strak begins now including them florida lizards!! GO DAWGS Love ya Coach Richt !!!

    • Yeah Right !! You better worry about the next game

    • You got a good running back but your QB isnt ready

    • itsgreat 2 b a gatorhator says:

      Go to your own website no one wants you here !!

    • Florida Gayturds says:

      What a clown. Just because Florida blew two cupcake-teams-with-pink-icing-and-sprinkles outta the water doesn’t mean they’re worth anything. Their fans (you) aren’t worth anything either. Nor are those UGLY colors. UGLY.

    • I think the people who have the right to talk bad about another team’s quaterback are Florida Fans.

    • Bring it on !! You guys will lose in jacksonville again

    • Don’t start running your mouth. I had rather see action instead of empty words. I am a true gator-hater, but we have not had that fire in our gut’s for many years now. We have not beat SC or FL. The record speak’s for it self. We keep loseing, we lose top recuit the next years that follow. Play calling needs something. Something has to change, to get better.

    • Now your getting smart ! You guys are not close to the level of the gators We wil be eating dawgs for lunch in jax again

    • Go Gators ! We own the puppies

    • itsgreat 2 b a gatorhator says:

      Yeah we will see !! Now like I said go to your own website no one wants u here plus your a idiot !!!

  12. I am extremely exicted about our future with Crowell

  13. jlattinville says:

    I think we did better this week than last. I am trying to get behind Murray but having problems with his decisions. That fumble he had cost us greatly,as did the fumble from Crowell.I like the shit out of Crowell and look forward to more seasons with him.I also wished we had thrown the ball a little more than we did.I know we lost AJ but Murray has got to find someone else he can lean on. I also thought Murray squandered an opportunity when the cocks weren’t lined up.I really hope coach Richt gets to stick around for at least another year. I also thought defense did a good job as well. The bad thing is we just missed plays we shouldn’t have missed.Hope to see them turn it around and light a fire under their asses.

  14. I think the DAWGS are just fine. Everyone get off Mark Richt’s case and let him coach. I didn’t hear a lot of moaning and groaning when the DAWGS were winning 10+ games a year or when , he as coach, beat UF with the T. Tebow train. I’ve read MANY blogs since Saturday’s loss and it appalls me that Dawg fans are so fickle.

    Georgia played a great game, and the loss does hurt, but there’s alot of season left. As far as blaming Crowell for the fumble, I didn’t see it. A. Murray had got up limping from the previous play – when he turned to hand off the ball he pulled up a bit , half-step, and the ball never got “in the basket” … nobody to blame. IT happens.

    The DAWGS will be fine this year and for years to come as long as CMR is there to handle these things. Keep the Faith…

    GO DAWGS!!

    • Florida Gayturds says:

      It’s not Mark’s fault directly. What’s killing him is his connection with Bobo. Mark needs to start taking over with the play calling… because we know he’ll NEVER fire Bobo.

  15. jlattinville says:

    I agree with you Florida, he does need to start calling the plays cause Bobo comes up with some off the wall crap.3rd and long so we run.Doesn’t make any sense to me.I would also like to see more passes mixed in with the run game.I know I’m not a big Murray fan,but he needs to throw the ball more than what he has so far this year. I would like to see us start playing like a few years ago when we had DJ. Maybe Murray would grow on me a little more.

  16. dawg till i die 48 says:

    Hey guys ive never left a comment on here but i go to this sight ALOT!!! I think murray CAN be a great qb he sometimes just looks uncomfortable and uncertain but CMR is a great coach idk What. He sees in bobo but i darn sure dont see it and crowell is a beast but i honestly believe he and the whole team couldnt have a better coach please keep the bulldog faith guys remember CMR has took us far and gettn a new coach aint always a good thing dawg nation (ray goff) and i think bobo could be another goff so lets back CMR and show these other teams that we should’ve won our first 2games and we mean buisness GO DAWGS!!!! SIC EM!!!

  17. Love dem dawgs says:

    GO DAWGS !!!

  18. jlattinville says:

    I agree with you till i die,i love coach Richt has done in his tenure.I dont want to see him fired.Hopefully they will get straightend out.

  19. At least I am smart enough to like the right team

    • a true fan is a fan through the ups and downs. so whats this atleast i like the right team crap?

      “it is better to not talk and be thought a fool, then speak and remove all doubt”

    • It isnt crap you guys Suck!!! We will run rainey and demps up your a–. and again I will be smart enough to like the right team unlike you guys !!!

  20. Gator fans are the worst ever !! Bulldogs fans rule